Government Resolution

Sr. No. Particular Download
Compilation of Government Resolutions, Circulars etc. on Services and Provident fund matters:
  1.1 Resolution of Circulars of Class IV Download
  1.2 Joining Time Download
  1.3 General Provident Fund Download
  1.4 Stepping UP Download
  1.5 Increment – General Download
  1.6 Efficiency Bar Download
  1.7 Bonus Download
  1.8 Pay fixation Download
  1.9 Fees Download
  1.10 To Increase Salary (Attendees) Download
  1.11 Honorarium Download
  1.12 Part time employees Download
  1.13 Charge Allowance Download
  1.14 Delegation of Power Download
  1.15 Special Pay Download
Legal Branch
  2.1 Resolutions Related to Court Cases, Appeals and Verdicts Execution Download
Confidential Branch
  3.1 ConfidentialReport and PAR Related Resolutions Download
  4.1 Resolutions Related to Appointment and Promotion (Class-I& II) Download
  4.2 Resolutions Related to Departmental Examinations and CCC/CCC+ Examinations Download
  5.1 Admission Rule and Notification Download
  5.2 Admission Rule and Notification (ME-MTECH-MPHARM) Download
  6.1 Promotions and Higher Grade Related Resolutions Download
  6.2 Leave and LTC Related Resolutions Download
Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) Branch:
  7.1 Resolutions Related to Implementation of Senior Scale, Selection Grade and Career Advancement scheme Download
Establishment Branch:
  8.1 GPF Resolutions Download
  8.2 Resolutions Related to Higher Studies Download
  8.3 Resolutions Related to the Cost of Medical Treatment Download
NPS Branch:
  9.1 Resolutions Related to NPS and CPF Download
Budget Branch:
  10.1 Budget Related Resolutions Download
  11. Technical Examination Board (TEB) Related Resolutions Download
  12. Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana (MYSY) Resolutions Download
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